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5 Brazilian Dog Breeds You Need to Know

Learn more about the most popular Brazilian dog breeds!

Brazilian dog wearing green wig near country's flag

Brazilian dogs you need to know

Among the South American countries, Brazil stands out not only for its continental dimensions and its multifaceted culture but also for its enormous natural diversity.

From North to South of the Brazilian territory, you can find diverse ecosystems that make up a privileged biodiverse landscape.

Although this tropical country is usually associated with wild species, after all, there are incredible animals in Brazil, a few Brazilian dog breeds represent the regional history and culture.

So in today’s article, I’ll talk about the top 5 Brazilian dogs.

Brazilian dog breeds

Brazilian Mastiff (Fila Brasileiro)

Cute Brazilian Mastiff learning trick

The Brazilian Mastiff, also known as Fila Brasileiro, is a large molosser breed mostly recognized by its loyalty, determination, obedience, bravery, and intimidating appearance.

But don’t let that scare you!

Many people don’t know the Brazilian Mastiff is actually a lovely and very caring dog with its owners.

If you want your pup to get along with strangers, you must socialize it very early to build trust and make sure it won’t be aggressive with others.

It’s not that they have a bad character. They’re just 100% devoted to their human leader and want to protect you the best they can, which is why this Brazilian dog makes an excellent guard dog.

Also, this breed isn’t the apartment type. Oh no. It needs lots of exercise and a large area to run.

One downside is the Fila Brasileiro doesn’t usually get along with small pets. Because of its hunting nature, it might see small animals as prey.

Beyond that, this Brazilian dog is a crossbreeding of Bulldogs, Bloodhounds, and English Mastiffs and guarded and protected cattle livestock for centuries.

Brazilian Terrier (Fox Paulistinha)

Brazilian Terrier closeup
Beautiful Brazilian Terrier – Photo by Adriano Ferreira (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

The Brazilian Terrier, also known as Fox Paulistinha, is a friendly and energetic dog breed from Brazil.

It’s a small and adorable dog with a smooth coat. While it is caring with familiar people, it might be wary of strangers.

Beyond that, this dog is playful, alert, and requires constant mental stimulation.

Because of these characteristics, the Brazilian Terrier is a great companion for children and very social towards other dogs. Still, it might chase cats and other smaller pets if not properly trained because of its hunting instincts.

Although small, it is fearless and won’t hesitate to bark if they think something is off.

These traits probably come from its DNA because legend says the Brazilian Terrier is a crossbreeding of the foreign breeds Jack Russel Terrier and Smooth Fox Terrier.

Brazilian Dogo (Dogue Brasileiro)

Brazilian Dogo
Brazilian Dogo – Photo courtesy of Samy

The Brazilian Dogo, or Dogue Brasileiro in Portuguese, is an extremely affectionate, obedient, quick-to-learn, and strong dog.

As one of the rarest dog breeds from Brazil, this dog is a crossbreeding between Bull Terrier and Boxer. As such, it inherits attributes of both breeds.

It might seem intimidating at first because of its muscular and robust body, but it is a docile doggy.

Beyond that, this Brazilian dog is active, attentive, and observing with a strong guarding instinct. Still, playfulness isn’t one of its typical characteristics, so it might not be the best dog for children.

Despite being affectionate with familiar people, the Brazilian Dogo won’t be playful with the little ones because that isn’t in its nature.

Still, it will instead be friendly and affectionate, proving its loyalty and protecting its family.

Brazilian Bulldog (Campeiro Bulldog)

Buldogue Campeiro is the Brazilian Bulldog

The Brazilian Bulldog, also known as Campeiro Bulldog, is a rural bulldog from Brazil’s southern region.

This breed has its origin in the Bulldogs that came to Brazil in the 19th century. However, there is not a consensus about its origins.

Some say it is a mix of the Old English Bulldog and a local breed; some say it’s a mix of Terceira Mastiff, an extinct Portuguese breed.

Either way, this muscular medium-sized dog is vigilant, calm, and absolutely loyal to its owner. It has a submissive nature and won’t bark unless without a strong reason.

Beyond that, this Brazilian dog requires daily exercise. And I mean, daily, heavy training.

That’s because this breed was used in cattle farms, meaning living in an apartment won’t be the best choice for this dog.

While the Campeiro Bulldog might have an intimidating appearance due to its muscular body structure, this Brazilian dog is easily adaptable and very docile with children.

Also, it usually gets along very well with other pets. Still, it might be protective of its food bowl, reinforcing the breed’s guarding instincts.

Brazilian Collie (Ovelheiro Gaúcho)

The gaucho sheepdog is a beautiful Brazilian dog
The beautiful Gaia – Photo courtesy of Ovelheiro

The Brazilian Gaucho Sheepdog, also known as Brazilian Collie and Ovelheiro in Portuguese, is a medium-sized and intelligent Brazilian dog with remarkable agility.

It has an alert, active, and loyal temperament. As in all sheepdogs, this breed has been used mainly to shepherd cattle.

Unlike the Border Collie, the Gaucho Sheepdog will bark a lot while herding and nips more easily. Nothing too aggressive–just a warning to move along.

This Brazilian dog is obedient, calm, and loving in a domestic environment, especially with children.

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Tuesday 2nd of January 2024

Nah, the true Brazilian dog and our national symbol is the caramel dog


Tuesday 9th of January 2024

The caramel dog is my favorite street dog, by far! The cutest!

Da boy

Thursday 10th of March 2022

Sorry to disappoint you, but if you forgot about the Caramelo dog, that's the legit Brazilian dog