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8 Passion Fruit Recipes That You’ll LOVE

From drinks to desserts, these passion fruit recipes are delicious and easy to make!

As someone who grew up trying all sorts of passion fruit recipes, this fruit is a must-have in my kitchen.

Not only that, but this fruit always has its place in any list of most traditional Brazilian foods. After all, it’s a Brazilian fruit, so it’s definitely part of our culture!

The tropical passion fruit is perfect for those hot summer days because it tastes fresh, tart, and incredibly delicious.

Besides, I’m obsessed with passion fruit—the flavor, the concept, even the name! I’ve served quite some passion fruit recipes here on the site, mostly desserts. Ahem. Yes, I have a sweet tooth.

In today’s article, I will share with you my all-time favorite passion fruit recipes you need to try. Let’s get to them!

Note on the best recipes with passion fruit

While the fresh fruit will always taste better, you can also make any of these recipes with frozen passion fruit pulp.

For most of them, the passion fruit puree can also be used, however, if you want seeds, the frozen puree won’t cut it. You’ll need the concentrate with seeds in that case.

If you have the fresh fruit, know that it won’t make much difference if you use the yellow or purple passion fruit.

Passion fruit recipes

Coming soon:

  • Passion fruit curd
  • Simple syrup
  • Passion fruit ice cream

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