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9 Ways to Say Happy New Year in Brazilian Portuguese By a Native

It’s not difficult to say Happy New Year in Brazilian Portuguese, so whether you’re looking this up for an upcoming trip or to send a message to a dear friend, know you won’t have much trouble pronouncing it.

Still, if you’re indeed traveling to the country, know that we Brazilians really know how to celebrate New Year’s.

It’s a massive party with white outfits and colorful underwear (it’s some crazy local superstitions, lol).

Anyway, are you ready to learn a new phrase in Portuguese? Read on!

9 Ways To Say Happy New Year In Brazilian Portuguese

There are four main ways to say Happy New Year in Portuguese, but each has a few variations. We will start by talking about feliz ano novo.

Text Feliz Ano Novo, which means Happy New Year in Brazilian Portuguese

Feliz Ano Novo – Portuguese for Happy New Year

  • Pronunciation: fe-lees ah-noh noh-voh

When wishing a new year in Portuguese, you can say only feliz ano novo. It literally means Happy New Year in Brazilian Portuguese and will get your message across.

Also, it might be easier to say this than to say a more elaborate sentence, as I’ll show you below.

Feliz ano novo!

(Happy New Year!)

Te desejo um feliz ano novo!

(I wish you a happy new year!)

Que seu ano seja repleto de amor, paz e saúde!

(May the new year be filled with love, peace, and health!)

Próspero Ano Novo – Portuguese for Prosperous New Year

  • Pronunciation: praa-spr-ow ah-noh noh-voh

It’s a widely used way to say Happy New Year in Brazilian Portuguese, but a little less common than feliz ano novo.

You’ll see this often printed on many New Year’s cards, though.

Próspero ano novo!

(A prosperous new year!)

Te desejo um próspero ano novo repleto de amor e luz!

(I wish you a prosperous new year filled with love and light!)

Brazil facts: New Year's Eve traditions

Boas Festas – Portuguese for Happy Holidays

  • Pronunciation: boh-As fehs-tahs

Boas festas can used any time from November on and right up to New Year’s Day.

That’s why it can also be used when wishing someone Merry Christmas in Brazilian Portuguese.

Boas festas!

(Happy Holidays!)

Boas festas e feliz ano novo!

(Happy holidays and Happy New Year!)

Feliz 2024 – Portuguese for Happy 2024

  • Pronunciation: fe-lees dois miu ee vin-ti kua-tru

Short, but effective. This sentence is also a common way to say Happy New Year in Brazilian Portuguese, and it’s printed on most New Year’s cards.

Feliz 2024!

(Happy 2024!)

Um 2024 repleto de alegria e amor!

(I wish you a 2024 filled with happiness and love!)

New Year Vocabulary

Brinde – toast

Cartão de felicitações – greeting card

Celebrações – celebrations

Contagem regressiva – countdown

Dançar – to dance

Festa – party

Fogos de artifício – fireworks

Meia-noite – midnight

Pedidos – Wishes

Promessas – resolutions

Próximo ano – next year

Saudações de ano novo – New Year greetings

Saúde – cheers (check here how to say cheers in Portuguese!)

Tradições – traditions

Véspera de ano novo – New Year’s Eve

Vestido para a noite – evening gown

Wrapping Up On How To Say Happy New Year In Brazilian Portuguese

Wishing a Happy New in Portuguese is relatively easy compared to most Portuguese phrases, right?

I hope this article was helpful to you and who knows it will make your trip to Brazil more enjoyable.

Tchau! Beijos!

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