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7 Ways To Say Merry Christmas In Brazilian Portuguese By A Native

Do you know how to wish a Merry Christmas in Brazilian Portuguese?

The festive season is just around the corner, and if you have friends, colleagues, or even family in Brazil, you might want to learn this one simple sentence.

Even though Christmas in Brazil is a bit different from the Northern Hemisphere temperature-wise, we still have big holiday festivities.

In fact, Xmas is one of the most anticipated holidays in Brazil because we can then gather with family for a lovely supper. Unlike Carnival, Xmas is a 100% family holiday.

So check out below how to write and pronounce Xmas wishes in Portuguese.

7 Ways To Say Merry Christmas In Brazilian Portuguese

There are two main ways to say Merry Christmas in Portuguese, but each has a few variations. I will start by talking about Feliz Natal.

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Text Feliz Natal on table, which means Merry Christmas in Brazilian Portuguese

Feliz Natal – Portuguese for Merry Christmas

  • Pronunciation: feh-lees nah-tauh (the L at the end of the word is pronounced like the vowel U)

Feliz Natal is the standard and most used way to say Merry Christmas in Brazilian Portuguese.

You can use it throughout the holiday season on any occasion and means, including postcards, social media messages, or family gatherings. (Also good to know: cheers in Portuguese!)

Tenha um Feliz Natal!

(Have a Merry Christmas!)

Eu te desejo um Feliz Natal!

(I wish you a Merry Christmas!)

Feliz Natal para você também!

(Merry Christmas to you, too!)

Feliz Natal e um próspero Ano Novo!

(Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!) Click here to learn how to say Happy New Year in Brazilian Portuguese!

Wanna learn about Christmas traditions in Brazil? Then read my other article about. I’ve written about our Christmas foods!

Text Boas Festas on table, which means Happy Holidays in Brazilian Portuguese

Boas Festas – Portuguese for Happy Holidays

  • Pronunciation: boh-As fehs-tahs

Boas festas is somewhat more formal than Feliz Natal, but it can also be used in most situations.

Boas festas e feliz ano novo!

(Happy holidays and Happy New Year!)

Christmas Vocabulary

Here are a few words to expand your vocabulary for the festive season, even if you’re an absolute beginner:

Amigo secreto – Secret Santa

Amigo da onça – this is the naught version of Secret Santa

Anjo – Angel

Árvore de Natal – Christmas tree

Azevinho – Holly (plant)

Boneco de neve – Snowman

Ceia de Natal – Christmas supper

Chaminé – Chimney

Estrela – Star

Guirlanda – Wreath

Lareira – Fireplace

Manjedoura – Manger

Missa da meia noite – Midnight mass

Christmas traditions in Brazil
Christmas traditions in Brazil: Snow and fairy lights

Natal – Christmas

Ornamento de Nata – Christmas ornaments

Papai Noel – Santa Claus

Pisca-pisca – Fairy lights/Christmas lights

Presentes – Gifts

Presépio – Nativity scene

Rabanada – a Brazilian French toast

Salada de Bacalhau – codfish salad

Sino – Bell

Trenó – Sleigh

Três Reis Magos – Three Wise Men

Vela – Candle

Véspera de Natal – Christams eve

Christmas Song

Here’s a classic Christmas song from Brazil followed by the English translation:

Noite feliz, noite feliz

Ó Senhor, Deus de amor

Pobrezinho nasceu em Belém

Eis na lapa, Jesus nosso bem

Dorme em paz, ó Jesus

Dorme em paz, ó Jesus

Noite feliz, noite feliz

Eis que no ar vem cantar

Aos pastores, os anjos dos céus

Anunciando a chegada de Deus

De Jesus, Salvador

De Jesus, Salvador

Noite feliz, noite feliz

Ó Jesus, Deus da luz

Quão afável é Teu coração

Que quiseste nascer nosso irmão

E a nós todos salvar

E a nós todos salvar

English translation:

Happy night, happy night

O Lord, God of love

Poor thing was born in Belém

Here in lapa, Jesus our good

Sleep in peace, O Jesus

Sleep in peace, O Jesus

Happy night, happy night

Behold, in the air comes to sing

To the shepherds, the angels of heaven

Announcing the arrival of God

Of Jesus, Savior

Of Jesus, Savior

Happy night, happy night

O Jesus, God of light

How kind is Your heart

That you wanted to be born our brother

And save us all

And save us all

Wrapping Up On How To Say Merry Christmas In Brazilian Portuguese

Portuguese can be a challenging language, but with some practice, you can definitely send thoughtful messages to native speakers, like Merry Christmas!

With the messages above, you can wish happy holidays to Brazilians in our own language. Isn’t that incredible?

Tchau! Beijos!

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