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How to Call Brazil from USA or Canada (+ Brazil Country Code)

Wondering how to call Brazil from USA or Canada? No worries. I wrote this handy step-by-step guide to help you with that.

Calling Brazil from another country can be quite confusing.

In fact, calling any country around the world is a confusing task since each country has its specific area codes and rules to receive a call.

For that reason, I decided to write this practical guide with examples so that you can learn how to call Brazil hassle-free.

I hope it helps!

Phone number in Brazil

Before getting into the step-by-step guide on how to call Brazil from USA (or Canada), I’ll quickly explain how the phone numbers in Brazil are.

Just so you know you have the right number format.

Cell phone numbers within Brazil consist of a two-digit area code followed by a nine-digit local number starting with 9. E.g. cell phone from São Paulo 11 9 XXXX XXXX

Landline numbers also consist of a two-digit area code but are followed by an eight-digit local number, which can start with any number, not just 9. E.g. landline number from São Paulo 11 XXXX XXXX

Note that you always have to use the two-digit area code when calling a Brazilian phone number from another country.

However, if you’re calling within Brazil, other rules apply. Check my guide on how to call in Brazil.

How to call Brazil from USA

How to call Brazil from USA or Canada

It’s very simple to call Brazil from the USA or Canada. All you have to do is:

  1. First, dial the US/Canada exit code 011
  2. Dial the Brazil country code 55
  3. Dial the two-digits DDD area code of the city in Brazil where the call receiver is based (see the DDD area codes in the table below): XX
  4. Now, dial the phone number without 0 at the beginning
  5. Finally, press dial and happy talking!

Examples of how to dial to Brazil from USA/Canada

The next steps are simply an example of how you can easily make a call to Brazil.

  1. Exit code: 011
  2. Brazil country code: 55
  3. Rio de Janeiro City DDD code: 21
  4. Cell phone number: 9 XXXX XXXX
  5. To make this call, I would dial the following on my phone: 011 55 21 9 XXXX XXXX
  6. To call a landline, I would dial the following on my phone: 011 55 21 XXXX XXXX

Dialing area codes

Besides dialing the country code for Brazil, you also need to dial in the DDD area code to call Brazil from USA or Canada.

DDD stands for direct distance dialing, and it’s a specific code for each city.

The table below has the dialing area codes of some major cities in Brazil.

If the city you want to call is not in this list, click here and type its name into the search bar.

CitiesDialing area code
Rio de Janeiro21
São Paulo11
São Luís98

Essential phone numbers

  • GRU Airport phone number (São Paulo): +011 55 11 2445-2945
  • Tom Jobim International Airport – Galeão (Rio de Janeiro): +011 55 21 3004-6050
  • Viracopos International Airport (Campinas): +011 55 19 3725-5000
  • Brasília International Airport (Brasília): +011 55 61 3364-9000
  • Confins International Airport (Belo Horizonte): +011 55 31 3689-2700

More resources

If you’re planning a trip to Brazil and want to buy a prepaid SIM card, you will want to read my guide on how to get a SIM card in Brazil.

For more information about the country, I’m sure you will find this Brazil travel guide very interesting.

But if you’re not considering visiting the country, let me show you a few reasons why you should definitely visit Brazil now!

Seema Agarwal

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

Hi. I bought carnival tickets from a Brazil trouts ltd. Their phone number is listed as 516054202. There is no city code and I can’t find them online. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don’t know how to contact them.


Wednesday 15th of February 2023

Hi Seema, That's not a valid phone number in Brazil. Maybe they are based in another country? If you can't contact them, be sure to cancel the credit card purchase. Also, while this company might be legit, it's always a good idea to buy tickets from well-known ticket companies, like GetYourGuide, to avoid any headaches. Their support is very responsive. I hope it helps!

Anthony Rogers

Friday 10th of December 2021

Thank you, Bruna, for the step-by-step guide. I am going to buy a virtual phone number on this site. Do you know if I can choose a specific city code?


Friday 17th of December 2021

Hi Anthony, you're welcome! Hm, no idea. I don't know that site. Good luck!