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9 Tasty Brigadeiro Recipe Variations

Love brigadeiros? Then you will ADORE these brigadeiro recipe variations!

Brigadeiro is by far our favorite sweet. Here in Brazil, we are always looking for an excuse to make these delicious fudge truffles.

While most people serve them at children’s parties, we also prepare these sweets for various other situations, including office parties or a bad PMS—brigadeiro is perfect for that period of the month. I can speak from experience.

Easy brigadeiro variations

Anyway, these brigadeiros I will talk about are delicious and easy to make. For most of them, I used three ingredients only: sweetened condensed milk, butter, and an ingredient to add flavor.

You may not know, but sweetened condensed milk is a fundamental part of Brazilian cuisine. We use it in many dessert recipes, from Brazilian cakes to puddings to tapioca.

We also use it together with some fruits to prepare delicious tropical cocktails. It might sound weird, but trust me, these drinks are delicious!

That being said, for the sake of keeping this article focused, let’s talk about its use in brigadeiros.

In today’s article, I will talk about the most delicious brigadeiro gourmet I’ve tried so far.

I promise to keep this list up-to-date with the new recipes and flavors I discover in my kitchen or, who knows, in my grandma’s recipe book–she has loads of recipes that are new even to me.

Looking for delicious brigadeiro recipe variations? Read on!

Brigadeiro Recipe Variations

Here, you will find my best (and favorite) brigadeiro recipe variations.

Featuring lemon brigadeiros, strawberry brigadeiros, chocolate brigadeiros, coconut brigadeiros, and even a pumpkin version of these delicious Brazilian fudge truffles.

Pssst: Did you make any of these recipes or other brigadeiro variations at home? I’m curious. Show me how it turned out!

Snap a photo and share it with me on Instagram tagging @iheartbrazilofficial. I would love to see some of your creations!

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Tuesday 8th of November 2022

I am so happy I found your list of gourmet brigadeiros and that I am not the only one experimenting and mixing them up! My Brazilian colleagues always look skeptical when I mention different flavors and when I google I only ever see 4 (chocolate, coconut, Strawberry and cookie + cream) and the last two flavors are always US/Canada sites... I have tried (before finding this page) Pumpkin, Chocolate com pimenta, peanut butter and jelly, coffee, and coconut lassi and I have ideas for a few more! I am so excited to see your list and get more inspired! I have a trip to see my family in Brazil soon and thought of making some over the holidays... how were the "gourmet brigadeiros" received in brazil?


Friday 11th of November 2022

Hi Kaitlin, thanks for your comment! So nice that you try new flavors yourself! Gourmet brigadeiros are actually really popular in many regions of Brazil, although the all-time favorite remains the traditional one. The coffee one is my up-runner for sure! I'm sure your family will enjoy them. Happy travels!


Monday 11th of October 2021

Holidays are coming and I will more of the Brazilian treats.