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Brazil Packing List: 11 Things You’re Forgetting to Pack

Looking to make sure your Brazil packing list is complete before you head to South America? If you’re looking for a detailed list of what to wear in Brazil, you have come to the wrong place.

Instead, I’m here to make sure you did not forget the most important things when packing for Brazil. Mind you, I’m Brazilian myself.

Brazil is a land full of deserts, buzzing cities, impressive national parks, waterfalls, dense forests, and unique beaches. Ah, the beaches in Brazil are out of this world.

What I mean by all this jabbering on is that when you are looking for what to pack for Brazil, you need to be prepared for anything.

Gathering your clothing together and checking off your Brazil packing list can be a little stressful. I’m here to make sure you have packed every little detail so that you have the best time on your Brazil itinerary as possible!

Whether you are traveling to Brazil in winter or summer, there are a few things you need to check and make sure you bring along for the ride!

Wondering what to bring to Brazil? Read on!

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Packing tips for Brazil

  • Pack light! Brazilian cities have lots of hills and steep streets, so you will want to travel around Brazil with a light backpack or suitcase.
  • Leave flashy things at home! Pickpockets and shady people usually consider tourists an easy target. Avoid using expensive jewelry, watches, or sunglasses that screams, “Hey, I’m a tourist!”
  • Pack accordingly! Consider what activities in Brazil you are going to do, the season in the country, and the region you are going to.

How is the weather in Brazil

Although Brazil is a vast country, and climate can change a great deal in each one of Brazil’s regions, I can say we usually have only two seasons–mild winter and scorching summer.

Fall and spring are a mix of both but usually have more summer temperatures than winter ones.

The northeast of Brazil has its rainy season between Jan-Jul, and most of the rain falls on the coast. In the countryside, it is where you will find savanna and desert lands.

The northern region has a short dry season. At the same time, the Amazon Rainforest lives up to its name– it is always humid. Because of that, the temperature feels much warmer than the actual.

The central-west area–together with the southeast–has a dry winter (Jun-Sep), and part of it experiences a hot summer with summer showers between Oct-Mar.

The south has the coldest temperatures in the country. It’s a humid region, where the rainy season falls between Jun-Sep, unlike most areas in Brazil.

Winters here can be quite cold for Brazilian standards, while summers are hot in most southern states.

Tip from a local: Buy your flip flops in Brazil! I’ve seen many bloggers out there suggesting you should buy our traditional Havaianas flip flops at home. Don’t do that. They are much more expensive abroad.

Brazil essentials – Things to bring to Brazil

While you probably have an idea of what to pack to Brazil, I thought I could chime in and tell you, from a local point of view, what essential items you will need in Brazil.

This list has only the essential things I found myself needing–or my husband did–when traveling in Brazil.

Socket plug adapter + converter

Pack for Brazil a travel adapter

Adding a plug adapter to your Brazil packing list is a no-brainer. The plug types we use in Brazil are C and N, being N the most recent.

That means most houses and hotels might only have a narrow socket outlet with two round pins and a grounding pin–incompatible with most international appliances.

Also, the standard voltage is 127 / 220 V, and the frequency is 60 Hz. Unfortunately, socket plugs in many hotels and hostels we visited don’t indicate the voltage.

You will want to make sure to ask the hotel reception to avoid ruining your electronics. Alternatively, you can pack this socket plug adapter and converter with you.

I love the idea of having a two-in-one product that is so small. Perfect for any international vacation!

Travel bra or money belt

Travel bra is a must-have in your Brazil packing list

A travel bra, or money belt for guys, is a must for any trip you go – not only for Brazil.

With these accessories, you can tuck away your valuables and keep them in a safe place pickpockets won’t be able to reach.

Also, these items are particularly valuable on occasions where you can’t take a purse or daypack with you, such as when hang-gliding, at festivals, or at carnival parties.

In touristy cities, pickpockets are always alert for an opportunity to steal your belongings. Make yourself a difficult target!

Since I purchased this travel bra, I feel much safer when traveling. It’s worth every penny.

Pocket WiFi

Things to pack for Brazil, pocket WiFi

Let’s talk about a serious business now.

The Internet in Brazil is slow. Very slow.

While it has seen an increase in the last few years, the average download speed of broadband internet is 4.84 Mbps.

Just to give you an idea, the average speed in the Netherlands (my part-time home) is 82 Mbps, the US 93.98 Mbps, and Canada 86.92 Mbps.

Most hotels offer WiFi at their room prices, but the chance it is slow is big.

Avoid the annoyance and purchase or rent a pocket WiFi to take wherever you go.

Solis is a pocket WiFi that works in over 130 countries without SIMs or anything. It’s straightforward.

This device offers fast 4G speed with a VPN, and you can connect up to 10 devices to it. This feature is particularly handy if you’re traveling with other people so that you can also share the costs.

Moreover, Solis has flexible plans, and you only pay when you use it. I like it a lot!

Insect repellent

What to pack for Brazil, insect repellent

As a tropical country, Brazil has a massive number of mosquitoes, especially on the coast and green areas – mosquitoes in these areas are ruthless.

And as a person who is allergic to these little demons’ bites, I tell you from the bottom of my heart: a good insect repellent is one of the most essential things to pack for Brazil.

Some mosquitoes might even carry diseases depending on the state you are in. That’s why you want them to stay miles away from you.

As for an excellent repellent, I recommend this one with picaridin, instead of DEET. DEET might harm your skin; it’s too aggressive.

That’s why I prefer picaridin as it’s effective and doesn’t harm my skin.

But, if you’re planning on camping in Brazil, I recommend you this mosquito repeller to keep the insects away from your tent.

Both are highly effective and DEET-free.

Anti-theft backpack for him & for her

Brazil packing list, anti theft backpack

Just like the travel bra and money belt, an anti-theft backpack is essential for any city trip.

I was pickpocketed a couple of times, and in one of them, I lost my phone.

Now, I learned my lesson. In city trips, especially when I need to take the train/metro/bus, I will have my anti-theft backpack with me. I won’t make it easy for pickpockets.

If you haven’t experienced that yourself, you will want to keep it that way by having safety items with you.

This backpack for her (and this one for him) are excellent starters to face the often-crowded public transportation in Brazil.

Solar charger

Solar power bank is a Brazil essential

Wanna spend a day at the beach without worrying that your phone might die?

Then you better not forget to pack a solar power bank & charger. I’m pretty sure you won’t miss the sun in Brazil, anyway.

I find my solar power bank & charger very useful not only for traveling abroad but also when attending an appointment back at home.

My phone battery runs out of charge in no time (thanks, Apple!), and by the time I’ve sent three texts, a notification tells me it has only 20% battery left. It’s so annoying.

That’s why I highly recommend that you always have a solar charger with you. It is not only handy, but it also works as a safety item in case you need to call a cab or Uber late at night.

Water bottle with filter

Add a water bottle to your packing list Brazil

Many people believe the tap water in Brazil is not drinkable, but that’s not true. Not entirely, at least.

In most cities, tap water is drinkable, and it shouldn’t cause any health problems. However, it’s not safe yet in remote villages and towns.

For most cities, the treatment process used for the water gives it a not-so-great taste, and that’s the reason we locals often prefer bottled or filtered water.

To save money and avoid producing too much waste (2-4 plastic bottles/day per person is a lot!), simply buy a water bottle that filters the water taste out.

It’s very straightforward, and it can be used during your trip to Brazil and during a hike in a national park, for example.

Portable smartphone flash drive

What to bring to Brazil, smartphone flash drive

Smartphones are so good these days you hardly need to add a camera to your Brazil packing list.

If you are planning to capture your trip to Brazil on a smartphone, I beg you to bring some way to back up your memories.

The best way to do this is with a portable smartphone flash drive. A flash drive is a small storage device that you can connect up to your smartphone and then safely and efficiently download the photos onto this device. 

It is the worst feeling in the world to lose your photos and memories from a trip, and I have done it before, which is why I always back up my photos to a portable flash drive.

It is quite easy to do, and if, say, your phone gets stolen, you will still be able to recover the photos you took on your trip if you uploaded them to this device.

I recommend the iDiskk USB 3.0 128GB as it is a certified device.

People of all ages are documenting their vacations on smartphones, and I highly recommend investing in one of these devices to store your photos during your trip.

You should add this to your Brazil packing list even if you traditionally utilize cloud storage to back up your photos as internet may be limited no matter where you go in Brazil.

Joto waterproof universal case

Add a waterproof case to your packing list for Brazil

If you’re traveling to Brazil, chances are you will engage in activities around water–sunbathing on the beach, visiting Iguazu Falls, snorkeling in a river, etc.

The best way to keep your phone dry and safe is with a waterproof case. A universal waterproof case keeps your smartphone (and even some documents) enclosed and safe from humidity.

It is devastating to let your phone drop into the water and lose all your images and information. Besides, if you’re traveling alone and wanna go for a swim, you will have no one to let your phone with.

I recommend the Joto universal phone case because it is not only a handy product, but it also is a certified one.

With this case, you can even photograph underwater. The possibilities are endless.

Brazilian Portuguese phrasebook

Brazil packing list, Brazilian Portuguese book

As you might know, we Brazilians speak Portuguese. It’s a little different from the one spoken in Portugal, but we easily understand each other.

The problem here is most Brazilian do not speak English. At all.

Roughly 90% of the Brazilians I know speak no other language. Mind you, I come from Brazil’s largest and most developed city, São Paulo.

So while planning your trip to Brazil, you will want to practice a little Portuguese at home.

And for that, I suggest you buy a phrasebook like this one. It is a complete phrase guide for any situation and a lifesaver.

It is horrible to be in another country where you can’t get what you want because you can’t communicate.

The best way to avoid that is by learning a little of the local language at home.

Travel insurance

Have you ever had something happened to you on a trip that made you think, “why didn’t I purchase that darn travel insurance?”

If you said no, be thankful because I learned that the hard way!

Once, two guys robbed my backpack in Madrid with all my documents and money.

I couldn’t continue my trip because all my money was gone, and obviously, I couldn’t reach the airport because I didn’t have cash for the metro tickets. Try to imagine how desperate I was.

Luckily, there are good people everywhere, so I found amazing souls that helped me get to the airport, and my husband who was back home, bought a ticket for me last minute ($$$).

Long story short: I learned that I should keep my documents in a safe and only walk around with copies and enough money for the day – only things that I can afford to lose.

I also learned that day that I shouldn’t travel without travel insurance because that cost me way more than just money:

  • New documents
  • Bank cards
  • A couple of hundreds in cash
  • Last-minute flight ticket
  • The rest of my trip that was already paid, but I never had the chance to enjoy, including accommodation, transport, tours, flight tickets
  • My favorite backpack

That’s why I preach now: buy travel insurance for every vacation, no matter how close or far it is.

Now, I use and am very satisfied with Safety Wing. This insurance covers everything I need, costs only a couple of dollars a day, and I’ve never had a problem while making a claim.

That’s why I recommend it to my friends and family too.

Click here to get a quote.

Ultimate packing list Brazil + printable

This packing list for Brazil is only for reference. Feel free to adjust it to your needs, as well as to the season you will visit Brazil.

1 rain jacket (for her/men)

Travel bras
Hand sanitizer
2-3 pairs of pants Toothbrush Sunscreen
4 shirts/tops Shampoo Tissues
1 vest Conditioner Microfiber towel
2 dresses Body wash Water bottle
Comfy walking shoes Deodorant WiFi hotspot
Bathing suit Grooming kit Solar power charger
3-4 pairs of wool socks Travel razor Socket plug adapter
1 scarf (winter only) Hair gel Portable flash drive
Toiletry bag Hair ties Packing cubes
Day pack Hairbrush Chapstick
Passport holder Menstrual cup Hand sanitizer
Activated charcoal

Brazil travel resources

I want your trip to be mesmerizing! That’s why I’ve created a number of resources that will be helpful.

Besides this guide on how to pack for Brazil, I also wrote this checklist to help you prepare for a trip to Brazil, as well as this travel guide.

You might want to check out these articles to things to do in the country and epic places to visit in Brazil – both are must-read resources.

And if you would like to have a deeper understanding of a city or region, take a look at one of these Brazil tours.


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