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Exactly Where to Stay in Florianópolis – Hotels, Hostels, & Airbnbs

Traveling to Brazil and wondering where to stay in Florianópolis? This accommodation guide has the best Florianópolis hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs in the top neighborhoods.

Florianópolis is a unique city in Brazil.

This town has a perfect balance of modern areas, historical sites, beautiful beaches, and lots of nature. It’s a mesmerizing place!

Because of that, Florianópolis, or Floripa for close friends, is a popular vacation destination for Brazilians who live in the neighboring states as well as for Argentineans.

Where to stay in Florianópolis

Floripa has such an incredible atmosphere that many people come here to celebrate Carnival and New Year’s Eve.

For these reasons, you might want to book your accommodation in advance to save yourself the hassle of not finding a place that best suits your needs or of only finding overpriced rates—speaking from experience.

But don’t worry! I wrote this handy guide to help you decide where to stay in Florianópolis without pulling your hair out.

Best places to stay in Florianópolis

I divided this guide to the best places to stay in Florianópolis based on the things to do in each area, as well as your budget.

Namely, I recommend about 2-3 places to stay in the top 5 neighborhoods of Floripa, and each of these areas best suits certain kinds of travelers as in families, groups of friends, couples, or solo travelers.

Barra da Lagoa in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina
Your guide to where to stay in Florianópolis

Florianópolis hotels – budget overview

While Florianópolis is not an expensive city in Brazil, it can be pricey during holidays, such as New Year, Carnival, and Christmas.

For that reason, this budget overview does not consider these dates, which will be more expensive—100% sure.

  • Budget: Dorm rooms are around $20, but you can easily find single bedrooms for $50.
  • Mid-range: Anywhere between $60 and $110 for a hotel room or whole Airbnb.
  • Luxury: Starting at $120, you can find as expensive accommodation as you want. There are incredible villas, high-end hotels, and more.

Florianópolis neighborhoods overview

Lagoa da Conceição Group of friends and solo travelers
Small neighborhood with pubs and cafés near a lake perfect for water sports! Great beaches nearby.
Canasvieiras Families
Excellent area with restaurants, calm sea, and laid-back vibe. Great for families with kids.
Santo Antônio de Lisboa Couples
Romantic and cute area with colonial architecture and small-town feel. Perfect for couples seeking a relaxing vacation.
Downtown Best location
Central location near many shops, restaurants, museums, and highlights. Car or Uber needed to reach beaches.
Jurerê Internacional Nightlife
Calling all party animals! Beautiful area with upscale beach clubs, restaurants, and designer shops! The beach is also incredible.

My top picks:

Budget: Pousada Mar de Dentro – it is a lovely beachfront inn in Santo Antônio de Lisboa. It has a swimming pool, free parking, and a fabulous breakfast included.

Mid-range: Pousada dos Chás – it is a charming inn within walking distance to one of the most popular beaches in Florianópolis. The property has a swimming pool, free parking, free WiFi, and serves a delicious afternoon tea.

Luxury: Il Campanario Villagio – it is a 5-star hotel resort in Florianópolis with indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, scenic ocean view, beautiful decoration, a restaurant and bar onsite, and a gym. All of these facilities plus the fact you’re within a 2-minute walk from the beach make it the best luxury hotel in Florianópolis.

Best neighborhoods to stay in Florianópolis

These are hands-down the best places to stay in Florianópolos for different kinds of travelers.

Lagoa da Conceição – best area in Florianópolis for groups of friends or solo travelers

The area surrounding Lagoa da Conceição, a scenic lake, is one of the best places to stay in Florianópolis for different reasons.

First, because it has a nice little center with pubs, restaurants, good nightlife, and many accommodation options along the lakefront–it is one of Floripa’s most developed areas.

There are lots of things to do in this region, and it is, without a doubt, a pleasant area to stay in Floripa.

Second, because of its strategic location between the Downtown, the airport, and the main beaches in Florianópolis—Campeche, Joaquina, and Mole.

For these reasons, Lagoa da Conceição is one of the most buzzing areas on the island, especially during high season.

Things to do in Lagoa da Conceição Area

  • Stand up or kayak at the lake
  • Get adventurous while jet skiing
  • Have a Brazilian dinner in one of the lakefront restaurants
  • Drink cold Brazilian beer in the local pubs
  • Hit some of the prettiest Brazilian beaches

Where to stay in Lagoa da Conceição

Best hotel in Lagoa da Conceição

Selina Floripa hotel in Florianópolis

Selina Floripa is a lovely hotel in Florianópolis with free parking and clean and nicely decorated rooms. It has a rustic, small-town feel, but with excellent wifi. 

Although this hotel is a little farther away from the lake itself, it lies only 2km from it.

Besides, Selina Floripa has a massive pool, and the beach is only two minutes away on foot.

Click here to check availability

Best hostel in Lagoa da Conceição

Lagoa Nomade hostel in Florianópolis

Lagoa Nômade Hostel is right next to the lake, offering unique views and access to it. Rooms are equipped with a clothing rack, free wifi, and some have air conditioning or fans.

Tip: Book a room with lake views! Thank me later!

The location is outstanding as it is near many restaurants and cafés, such as Books & Beers. Guests review the breakfast as perfect!

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Best Airbnb in Lagoa da Conceição

Airbnb in Lagoa da Conceicao Florianópolis
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

If you want a laid-back accommodation option with surreal views, your best bet is this Airbnb surrounded by nature! From here, you can see the ocean and lake, have easy access to the neighborhood center (about 2km), and free parking.

The loft is quite secluded and is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise!

Click here to check availability

Pssst: For the ultimate paradise experience, you might want to check out this secluded villa with a private beach on Airbnb—excellent for friends traveling together!

Canasvieiras – best area in Florianópolis for families

Canasvieiras is not only one of the most developed areas in Florianópolis, but it also has an excellent sand stretch where tourists can enjoy the summer vibes.

Besides, the sea is relatively calm here, making it perfect for families traveling with kids.

It is an area packed with hotels and restaurants, so there will be enough opportunities to savor Brazilian food and munch on some delicious snacks.

All in all, Canasvieiras is one of the best places to stay in Florianópolis.

Things to do in Canasvieiras

  • Sunbathe and soak the summer vibes
  • Drink a caipirinha while people watching
  • Go for a morning jog
  • Take a boat to Ilha do Francês, a paradise island
  • Visit the São José da Ponta Grossa Fortress

Where to stay in Canasvieiras

Best hotel in Canasvieiras

Palace Praia hotel in Florianópolis

Palace Praia is a beachfront hotel with top-notch facilities. The ocean view, infinity pool, free wifi, and breakfast make it one of the best Florianópolis hotels by far.

Their suites/studios are big enough to accommodate families with kids. Besides, they have a games room and spa facilities with a jacuzzi and sauna.

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Best apartment in Canasvieiras

Fragata hotel in Florianópolis

Also offering incredible beach views, the Fragata Apart Hotel is a property with self-catering apartments.

The apartments are fully equipped with a kitchen and free wifi. Other facilities include the excellent breakfast, games room, and barbecue on the rooftop balcony.

Location-wise, this hotel is only a 2-minute walk from the beach.

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Best Airbnb in Canasvieiras

Airbnb in Canasvieiras, Florianópolis
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

If you prefer staying in an Airbnb and have a local experience, I recommend checking out this beachfront apartment.

It is a spacious accommodation with enough space for children, free wifi, Netflix, and an incredible balcony perfect for having family meals.

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Santo Antônio de Lisboa – best area in Florianópolis for couples

By far, Santo Antônio de Lisboa is the most romantic and cute area to stay in Florianópolis.

The Azorean immigrants built this place, and today it boasts the best-preserved colonial architecture on the island and has a delightful small-town feel.

To top it off, the short sand stretch filled with fishermen’s boats looks exceptionally romantic during sunset.

Famous for its rich history, Santo Antônio de Lisboa is home to some of the best restaurants in Florianópolis, including the Titia Avó Maria Coxinha, a venue that only sells mouthwatering coxinhas, from the traditional to vegetarian ones—can you believe it?

Things to do in Santo Antônio de Lisboa

  • Bite more coxinhas than you can chew
  • Check out the Casa Açoriana, a vibrant art gallery, and shop showcasing Azorean and local paintings, ceramics, and other artworks.
  • Catch the sun setting at the bay filled with small fishermen’s boats
  • Visit the 18th-century Church of Our Lady of Needs
  • Browse for souvenirs at the Alfaias Fair. The fair happens every Saturday on the Roldão da Rocha Pires. Fun fact: this is the first paved path in Florianópolis.

Where to stay in Santo Antônio de Lisboa

Best inn in Santo Antônio de Lisboa

Pousada Mar de Dentro Inn in Florianópolis

Pousada Mar de Dentro is a seafront property only 500 meters away from the neighborhood’s main restaurants and attractions.

This inn has a swimming pool, free parking, and free wifi available for guests.

It is a small and cozy place perfect for couples looking for a relaxing atmosphere away from the island’s noisy spots.

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Best Airbnb in Santo Antônio de Lisboa

Airbnb Floripa, Santo Antonio de Lisboa
Image courtesy of Airbnb

You can stay at this townhouse with an incredible ocean view from the living room for a local experience. The house was recently renovated, so everything, from the bed to the shower, is brand new.

Besides, the house is in a private condominium with other 5 properties, so you will be staying in a place with a lot of privacy and safety.

Guests have access to a garage as well as shared barbecue and pizza oven.

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Downtown – best area in Florianópolis for budget travelers (and for the best location)

Half on the mainland and half on Santa Catarina Island, Floripa Downtown is a vibrant place with traditional cobblestone streets, colorful colonial architecture, and modern South American buildings.

Here you will find the best shops in Floripa, but also countless restaurant and hotel options.

Since you’re staying in the island’s geographical center, nothing is really too far, making it the best location to stay in Florianópolis.

However, you might need a car to reach the beach or other spots on the island.

Things to do in Downtown

  • Shop Brazilian clothing
  • Ride a bike along the bay and take in the view of the Hercílio Luz Bridge and mainland
  • Wander through the city center and learn the local history
  • Grab some snacks at the Public Market
  • Visit a restored palace right in the heart of the city

Where to stay in Downtown

Best hotel in Downtown

Majestic Palace hotel in Florianópolis

Majestic Palace is the best hotel in Florianópolis City Center, and its name says it all, as this majestic hotel really is its own little palace which you can enjoy for as long as you like.

The views are simply stunning from each room and the patio pool overlooking the city around the corner.

Rooms are spacious with all amenities you would expect, and the hotel is also home to a spa, bar, and restaurant.

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Best hostel in Downtown

Floripa hostel in Florianopolis

For a good and cheap hostel, you might want to check out the Floripa Hostel. This property is the best-reviewed in the city center, and guests rave about the location. It is near the bus station too.

Besides, guests have full access to the kitchen.

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Best Airbnb in Downtown

Airbnb in Floripa City center
Image courtesy of Airbnb

If you’re willing to pay a little more to have more comfort, this Airbnb is cheap for what it offers! It is a luxurious duplex with an ocean view and all the amenities you would have at home.

The building has a fitness room as well as parking. Besides, this Airbnb is near a few shopping malls and excellent restaurants.

All of that right in the heart of Floripa!

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Jurerê Internacional – best area in Florianópolis for nightlife

Are you traveling to Florianópolis to party and experience the nightlife? Then you will want to stay in Jurerê Internacional. This upmarket area is a traditional beach resort with summer villas and exclusive beach clubs.

Brazilian celebrities often come to this neighborhood to party and enjoy the night in the upscale beach bars and caipirinha-soaked lounges.

There are many mansions, luxury hotels, charming inns, good restaurants, and designer shops in Jurerê Internacional. It is a clean and safe area packed with all comforts you could wish for.

The only downside is all this comfort comes with a price, and this area is the priciest on the island.

Things to do in Jurerê Internacional

  • Party in style in super-popular beach clubs (one of the best things to do in Brazil)
  • Shop ‘till you drop in the designer stores for South American finds
  • Hit the beach and get a lovely tan
  • Go on a boat, speedboat, or jet ski tours in the bay
  • Visit the historic São José da Ponta Grossa Fortress

Where to stay in Jurerê Internacional

Best hotel in Jurerê Internacional

Il Campanario Villaggio hotel in Florianópolis

Il Campanario Villagio has hands-down the best facilities, rooms, and location in this area (and in the whole island for that matter).

It is a hotel resort only 2 minutes from the beach and near a bunch of beach clubs to enjoy the night. The hotel is on the busiest stretch of Jurerê Internacional, where you can see Ferraris traffic jams.

If the weather goes south, as it can do in Florianópolis, they also have an indoor pool to enjoy, as well as a gym, games room, and even a kid’s area for the young ones.

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Best boutique hotel in Jurerê Internacional

Pousada dos Chas Inn in Florianópolis

Pousada dos Chás is a lovely hotel boutique on the eastern end of Jurerê Tradicional. Following the Feng Shui principles, this hotel is beautifully decorated. Also, it has an outdoor pool and free wifi and parking.

Besides, Pousada dos Chás is famous for serving a delicious afternoon tea. It is well worth the money.

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Best Airbnb in Jurerê Internacional

Airbnb in Jurere International Florianópolis
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

If you want to travel with a group of friends, you might prefer to stay in this Airbnb only 300 meters from the beach. The apartment has air conditioning, two bathrooms, a barbecue, a washing machine, a PlayStation, and more!

Location-wise, this Airbnb in Florianópolis is perfect for those who don’t want to travel far and enjoy having everything on their doorstep. Namely, this Airbnb is near shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and beach clubs.

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Wrapping up on where to stay in Florianópolis

I know it can be overwhelming to choose accommodation in a faraway place, but I hope this guide will help you decide where to stay in Florianópolis.

If you’re traveling alone or with friends, I recommend you stay at this Airbnb near Lagoa da Conceição as it is secluded but still near the lively spots in the neighborhood.

If you’re traveling with your family, you might consider staying at the Palace Praia in Canasvieiras, which is an excellent place to stay with children.

For couples, I would personally recommend staying at Pousada Mar de Dentro in Santo Antônio de Lisboa since it is a laid-back and cozy place (and area).

If you prefer to stay in the city center, your best bet will be the Majestic Palace Hotel. However, backpackers are better off staying at Floripa Hostel.

Last but not least. For accommodation near the hottest nightlife spots and high-end beach clubs on the island, check out this Airbnb in Jurerê Internacional.

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That’s it for today! Happy travels!

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